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Purchased a iTunes digital code from this online "business," and they kept sending me redeemed codes.I stated several times that I also tried the code on the Ultraviolet site (which I guess I wasn't supposed to do), and not once did this person say, "Do Not Redeem for UV." The last code I got still didn't work for iTunes, so, again, I tried UV (it worked.) He, THEN, tells me I was only to use it on iTunes.

I explained it was an honest mistake and his instructions were a bit vague, but he called me a thief and asked me to pay the difference. He said he was going to charge my card. I said that I don't authorize it and would call my credit card company.

He chose to argue with the customer, threatens to tell EVERYONE, in the digital download community, not to do business with a "thief." I guess "the customer is NEVER right and should be treated like a criminal," is their mission statement.

I'm still checking to see if what they are doing is even legal.eBay deemed it "copyright infringement" and stopped letting people resell unused codes.

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I just ordered three movies from this website and got my movies immediately with no issues what so ever.I'm sorry you had an issue, but they were great for me.

Can't be the price I paid (I checked around, haha)!Sometimes stuff happens, hopefully you guys got this worked out by now.

Bessemer, Michigan, United States #1048283

Wish I would have found your review before buying from there ordered a code 6 days ago and have still not received it. Along with that I have sent 3 emails regarding the issue and no response.

to jthiede_40 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1076871

same here, 2 mos later after numerous emails I finally got it resolved by PayPal and got my money back, horrible business.


Owner Here,

This guy is a liar.I explained the codes were owed.

I specifically wrote in the email the code was ITUNES ONLY. When he ignored this and used the code on Vudu I did ask him to pay the $3 difference in cost. He flat out refused.

At no point did I threaten to charge his card.Read the emails yourself and decide.

to Anonymous #976800

The point is, I made an honest mistake, was called a thief, and treated like dirt.If I could have somehow given the code back, I would have.

Sometimes a business needs to accept the fact that some people do make mistakes and not hassle someone over $3. It's the principle of the matter. I purchased a few codes from him and only made an error on the one, because he kept sending me used codes. I did NOT intentionally screw him over, for $3.

Besides, there are many other UV code buying sites that send you a good code, immediately after payment.

Not a day later and a used code.

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